Email Marketing for Ecommerce Success

Ecommerce has seen an exponential rise in its application as more and more brands realize it’s potential. Ecommerce has brought with it an era of innovation with new methods of marketing now being discovered with an eye on detailed analytics and constant engagement. One of the more recently discovered and increasingly popular ways of marketing one’s products or services is email marketing.

Email marketing is considered as a great platform to inform your customers about products, services, events or any important events. The reason for its popularity is mainly attributed to it being relatively cost-effective and business-size friendly, as irrespective of the scale of your business, one can benefit from it. So how exactly can one benefit from email marketing?

Market research becomes easier

Everyone agrees that in order to be successful at marketing, research is paramount. Email marketing has become a useful way of conducting research as engaging directly with your customer’s help you understand preferences better in addition to feedback on products and services. The success of your research lies in how well you have drafted your communication and how simply you have designed a feedback mechanism.

Constant Engagement with your audience

Email marketing serves as a database providing tool that allows you to interact with your audience on a regular basis, creating a bond between your brand and your audience. Email marketing helps you build an audience in an over-sized market, differentiating it from the rest of the platforms you could be using.

Email is better than social media in terms of conversions

Marketing via social media is important too; as it helps you reach a wider audience. However, with email marketing one avails the benefit of personalized communication, as it reaches your audience directly in their inbox, allowing you to make your communication personalized and relevant to your audience. It has been estimated that email marketing has facilitated a rise in almost 20-30% for online sales.

Measurable Results

There is no purpose to marketing if it doesn’t allow you to measure the impact you have had. Email Marketing has made this process easier as it comes with tools that help you measure the direct impact you may have had. Metrics such as Click-through rate, open rates, deliverability, subscriber retention are available with email marketing which enables you to understand how successful your email marketing campaign has been, in terms of generating traffic on your website.

Generate Business leads through engagement

It has been proven that people who shop online have email ids that they check at least once a day. With the right kind of communication, email marketing helps in database collection and collecting other information from your audience that might lead you to potential customers.

There is no doubt that email marketing is here to stay, it’s main advantage being that it offers a choice to the person concerned on whether he would like to know more. It is a great way of keeping your audience informed and in this age of information, email marketing is slowly inching its way to the top.

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